Ocelots & Robots

First Lego League



Sheila Pfeffer

Kody Reahm


Bill McRight


Team number 36351 Ocelot Robotics

Kaigan Solberg, Hunter Timmons, Nadia Smith, Sydney Mace, Aby Duque Flores, Jack Watson, Tayden Fisher, Aiden Martinez ,Braz Newkirk


We used our core values as our guide through our experiences. We began our journey with the research project. We wanted to find out some aspects of a trip to Mars and the direct impact on the mental and physical state of the astronauts on the trip. We asked questions, shared thoughts, and experimented with multiple ideas. Then we decided that a VR system would give the astronauts a virtual world that reminds them of home. When we received our Lego kit we started investing our time in the mat set up, our robot design, and what missions we wanted to accomplish. We are excited to present what we have learned because we have worked hard and have done our best!